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Ipoh 1 – The Lost World of Tambun

Pretty lazy day, found some of these photos stored in my phone taken from just a few months ago. Reviving a lot of my childhood memories since yesteryear’s, there will always be a bit of me in Ipoh. Ipoh is a quaint town in the state of Perak about 2.5 hours or so from Kuala Lumpur City. I still can remember how often we use to make our family trips to Ipoh especially during the Chinese New Year to visit our aunties and their families..gone we’re the days, now almost everyone has found new life in KL.

Ipoh lime stone

Always a significant view is the huge lime stones that would greet the entrance of this unique town. These days’ visitors can expect more.. there’s definitely more to see and do in Ipoh with more eateries, malls, etc.

I received special priced tickets to the Lost World of Tambun which was perfect and gave me another excuse to visit my second hometown. Memories are far and beyond but being the eldest in the Chooi family, I still remember ‘ah ma’ and Ipoh brings back heartfelt memories of my beloved grandma. Although I was born in Petaling Jaya, I have spent adequate of time in Ipoh, which sights the true hometown of both my loving parents.

It’s interesting, coming from a mixed parentage, we use to speak in ‘Malay’ with our relatives during family visits, as they spoke ‘Cantonese’ and my sisters and I were more ‘English’ speaking. Somehow we had to find a common ground. Mum had managed to learn some ‘Chinese’ from my dad but ‘English’ has been our primary medium of language at home. Small town folks tend to speak their own dialect or what is taught at school, so the older generation norm, throughout their years always keeping pride to their mother tongue…

As we arrived to Ipoh, the sense of familiarity swooned in but mostly distant to me now, this place i use to call ‘Kampung’ is nothing but a blurred memory from years of my absence. I could recall some older buildings, hotels we frequently stayed in during our family trips, the grave yard and Taman Wah Keong the heart of our ‘kampung’. Nevertheless, Ipoh is definitely worth the trip, I was here to get-away from KL City, my thoughts and of course to discover the town again like a tourist.

Lost World of Tambun Entrance

First stop was to the Lost World of Tambun, a much smaller & simpler version of Sunway Lagoon Park back in KL offering amusement rides and wet park activities. The only main difference was perhaps the mini animal park, hot springs, etc. Well, Here I am@the Lost World of Tambun!

Once inside, I found it to be too crazy packed due to the holidays, I managed to get myself into the wave pool but the hot springs was too small and packed with families, nothing like the pamphlets… hmm.. I also walked by the mini zoo which was adjoining to the park..

Parrots snake White-Bird white-porcupine

much walking about to find cuddly zoo friendlies…


hmm..wander what this dude is up to…


okay…I can see they are all keeping cozy inside…


The raccoons were definitely the highlight, boy were they cute..


and really horny… racoon-duo racoon-duo2

haha..everyone stopped to watch.. and mind you they were at it for awhile.. 🙂

Other attractions included a short nature walk and everything else was mainly food stalls, wet slides, etc..that pretty much sums up my visit to the Lost World of Tambun.. I’ll probably go check out Sunway Lagoon again next time..who knows they might have something different to offer..

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