Daily Highlights

when duty calls 2013..

Feb 2013: Hello Colmar Tropicale…who’d ever think it started from a visit..

Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

March 2013: A midst the mountains at Bukit Tinggi, Japanese Garden  – It’s time to say farewell..

Angeline Chooi Jap GardenAngeline CSL Japanese Garde

Nothing beats the fresh air.. walking out from work to greet the afternoon view.. pretty surreal huh..

Castle Bukit Tinggi

Creepers..Jeepers .. more than meets the eye..and the story begins..


April 2013: A snack before I go.. no time to spare..Thank you for the quick meal…

Prawn Fritters


May 2013: Another chilly day out here..missing you all so dearly..Bukit Tinggi Pahang

June 2013: KFC never tasted so good…Thanks for visiting… let’s check out other restaurants nearby Bentong Town soon… :p

KFC Bentong

July 2013: It’s my turn to come home..

Driving Home

Look who’s been waiting.. Whoopi our..favorite family dog..hmmuacks!


A desert treat just for me..thank you dear!

Angeline Chooi

Aug 2013: Sketching my way back to duty..


Sept 2013: Just a short way down..a visit to the stables.. my favorite horse…


Oct 2013: It’s been awhile since last I’ve been pimped or able to attend for any event.. back to KL to enjoy the Samba Brazilian Steak House Opening at Avenue K.. Thanks for the Special Invitation..

Samba Brazilian Steak House

‘Sambalicious’ yum… thumbs up..crazy option of fresh buffet servings@only my first plate..

Sambalicious Sambalicious2

It’s always nice gettting together again..peek-a-boo…guess who?Samba-2 Samba-3

Nov 2013: Wouldn’t miss this for the world..I’m home mum..Happy Birthday, I Love You.


Dec 2013: Hmm…me in a choir? … who’d ever think…practice was hectic..but in the spirit of Christmas..I sang like a bird 🙂

Angeline CSL Christmas

So you think you can fly.. you’ll always be my favorite comedian.. Keep it up old chap!Angeline CSL Christmas2

25th Dec – Jan 2014: So near, yet so far..wish I could spent Christmas & New Year’s with you, Mum & Dad.. I promise to make it up to you… See you all soon.. hugs & kisses..Christmas at Work

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