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Ipoh continued..

Ipoh..is well known for its chicken rice and its almost impossible to miss it hear..we happen to stumble upon this road and Yup! Chicken Rice haven..there were several hawker styled shops and restaurants to choose from around Jalan Yau Tet Shin

Jalan Yau Tet ShinIpoh-Chicken-Rice

A very popular dish served with Chicken Rice is ‘Taugeh’ or ‘Bean Sprouts’.. many restaurants would have this as a side order..the options around this street were plentiful and restaurants can get pretty packed by early lunch..Ipoh-Coffee-Shopthe roads here can get jammed during rush hour and especially weekends..

Jln-Yau-Tet-Shin3Expect crowds and people standing around waiting to be seated..you might want to go early to a spot or before your favorite dish finishes..

Ernest ZacharevicAfter lunch..it’s time for some lazy activity..what else is there to see in town..I heard about these wall paintings by a street artist named Ernest Zacharevic. Building murals were fast becoming popular in Malaysia throughout the country from Penang to Ipoh and even the east coast of Sarawak. Ernest Zacharevic has made a name for himself through his unique wall murals inspired by most things ‘local’. This talented Lithuanian Street Artist creates his art pieces by transforming old buildings into creative tourist attractions.

Old Town KopitiamHis works can be found in the old parts of Ipoh, a popular Wall Art is this painting which depicts the ‘Famous Old Town Kopitiam’ standing right around the corner to where the shop is located at Jalan Bandar.

Ipoh-Street-Art2Other Street Art murals includes the ‘paper plane’ at Jalan Tun Sambathan

BirdAnother at Jalan Panglima

SceneryJalan Bijih Timah

Tea-BagAnd the list goes on..

Angeline-CSLwhether as an interactive art backdrop for a creative photo or just as a standalone picture..his work is unique and adds warmth while bringing life to these old buildings. More importantly his work attracts visitors to draw in business to the area.

PlanB-RestaurantAfter much picture taking we went around Jalan Panglima again which had the Plan B Restaurant..this place was lovely.. I normally go to the branch back in Bangsar, KL where I’m from but there was something truly original and rustic about the décor here..Angeline-CSL-Bicycle

Ipoh-Heritage-MapIt even had a map showcasing places to see in town..

Selfie1b Phtobooth1here we go..some photobooth do’s..Cool-BeerAnd many pictures later…we decided to have a mid-noon Beer to cool down..After more sightseeing around town we decided to take a casual drive slightly away from central and spotted this amusement park..

Amusement-Park Amusement-Park2Well there was nothing much to do around these parts…so we decided to head back town to end the evening with a light bite and cocktails..


Bricks-&-Barrels2Ipoh is a small town and not really big in the night scene..though there were sporadic places to perhaps dance the night away or mildly party..after hours ends fairly early..one of the recommended spots and still popular among te locals is at this short street which has a few bars to unwind..try Bricks & Barrels at Jalan Lau Ek Ching

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