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Health & Beauty

ORÉ™ Beauty Series

This beauty series
consists of the (ORÉ™ Beauty Skin & Beauty Mask) set. This unique ‘HA’ based product series offers amazing results and works both from the inside out. Other then for aesthetic beauty, it also packs some health benefits. For more details, Click here.

For information and product details

greylineOre Angeline Chooi NimaOre’ with friends: As you all know I’ve been given the chance to try this amazing product. Ore’ has helped me achieve an overall better skin and recalling the past months with Ore’, my skin feels more rejuvenated and it is great that I can share this with friends. Nima who is very much into the world of fashion and who has also been previously involved in part time shoots, understands the importance of keeping a fresh look!  Click for more…


Revisiting Ore’ HA Beauty Mask:
 It’s been months since I last pampered myself. Got me a box and I’m planning to pamper myself over the weekend. Click for more…


Angeline Chooi
Sharing my ‘Beauty Experience’
with you. ORÉ has given me a smoother and better complexion. After 3 months of using this product, I can definitely feel the difference! Click here for video


Lookey here, No Make-Up…
Yikes, Well it’s been 2 months into this Beauty Drink & I can spot changes in my skin. This sachet of goodness offers a sweet mix of unique ingredients that does wonders for the skin. Read more…

greylineAngeline Chooi
Getting close and personal with ORÉ has been truly a great
Find out more and journey with me from only after my 3rd day into this beauty product. Click here for more




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