ORE’ Beauty Series

Introducing the ORÉ™ Series
ORÉ™ is a leading nutraceutical and nutricosmetic brand which utilizes the WORLD’S 1st Breakthrough NANO-TECHNOLGY (NANO-HYBRID EGGSHELL MEMBRANE COMPLEX™) where Eggshell extraction of ‘HA’ is taken from Organic Farms. ‘NANO’ which is termed as ‘Small’ refers to the small molecule size which has been broken down to 300 – 1,000 daltons from 100,000 – 200,000 daltons, enabling quicker and effective absorption by the body.

This product also contains many other important ingredients which are beneficial for both cosmetic and health benefits (i.e Vitamins B1/2/6 & 12, extract from Aloe Vera, Grapeseed & Birdnest, etc).

‘HA’ Benefits:
– General Hydration (skin & body)
– Healthy Skin (Smoother, Supple & Firmer)
– Lubrication Eyes & Joints (more fluid)
– Triggers Body production of Collagen (which is important for the skin)
– Restores Water & Liberates Glycerin Fatty Acids (enables moisture without the weight gain)

ORÉ™  HA BEAUTY SKIN (Beauty Drink)

ORÉ™  HA BEAUTY SKIN is a beauty therapy drink rich in NANO Molecular Hyaluronic Acid. This beauty therapy drink has multiple benefits to create that beautiful glow both inside out:

1. EASILY ABSORBED & DELIVERED: Works where creams &lotions cannot reach. Nutrients in HA Soluble  are easily absorbed & delivered into the dermis and parched cells begin springing back to life as HA Soluble Drink nourishes and replenishes from  within.

2. BEAUTY & HEALTH BENEFITS: Lubricates joints and eye. 

3. Vitamins B1/2/6 & 12: Helps with Metabolism, Immunity & nervous system. Good for the skin, hair & muscle.

4. ALOE VERA EXTRACT: Antibacterial-fungal properties (skin).  Good for the Digestive System.

5. GRAPESEED EXTRACT: Anti-oxidant & Healing properties. It also has a positive effect on Osteoporosis & Skin cancer.

6. BIRDNEST EXTRACT: Anti-cancer properties & inhibit Influenza Infections.

7. HEALTHY RADIANT GLOW: Helps with water retention, Keeps skin looking hydrated.

8. MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Keeps Skin Moist, Fairer & Tighter.


ORÉ™ HA BEAUTY MASK is a beauty mask that is rich in protein and nutrients, combined with the drink this is the perfect combination to a healthier looking skin. Let’s look at some of the benefits:

1. ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS: A good mix of Proteins, high levels of nutritious Nucleic Acid, Vitamin E, B12 & more than 19 types of amino acids which acts to repair damaged cells while replenishing the face with HA.

2. LOCKS WATER: Treats dehydrated skin from its source. Able to lock in water under the skin for more than 12 hours.

3. ANTI-AGING: Prolonging life cells to slow down the aging process.

4. WRINKLE RESILIENCE: Reduces fine lines.

5. REPLENISHES FROM WITHIN: Nutrients & Moisture is kept deep under the surface layer of the skin.

for more on Ore’ Products visit www.smn2u.com

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