Something for the Taste Buds!

It’s great that I’m from a country that offers so much of variety, delightful choices from Malay, Chinese to Indian and other ethnic foods. Malaysia also offers many other Western and international choices from Japanese to even Brazilian. Having visited countries beyond Malaysia, I’m thankful to also experience foods from around the world!

What’s for Lunch?
The famous 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant along Jalan Gasing is a favorite place for many who are looking for tender steamed chicken or roasted depending on ones preference. Lunch time catch-ups took us to this restaurant again for something quick and simple. Click to view.greylineF
Steamed ‘Ginger Fish’
A family dish I truly miss. My visit home took us to a simple outdoor Chinese ‘coffee shop’ which had us three digging into a steamed plat of gingery Fish dish. Click to view image.

Buffet Time@the Curve!
I had a great time on Sunday, our meeting at the Curve took us to this Restaurant & Bar called House which was having a 3-Day Buffet Special, hmm.. check out what we had! 

Eat, Walk, shop Saturday!
A nice day out just walking about KL for some shopping and foodies@Hutong, Lot 10 and Tea-Time@the Hailam Kopitiam. Click for more.

Hmm.. home made food!
Ikan Pari (Stingray Fish) pan cooked Dry Curry Style. A delicious visit to my parents place. I just love mum’s home style cooking which allows for off the menu recipes which are normally healthy and yummy too. Click here for more.

Sundown at Italiannies
Ramadhan is still around and a Sundown Mailer, caught my eye to this rustic Italian Franchise. It’s been months since my last visit and I took to Italiannies at the Curve to have my dinner. Click here for more.
Banana Leaf Rice on Paper?
A signature meal, Banana Leaf Rice is very popular among Malaysians. These days, this delicious meal is served on paper instead of the traditional leaf. This is me at Kanna Curry House. Click here for more. 
Fried baby ‘Octopus’ Set Meal
Dinner at lil’ Taiwan restaurant was convenient and just right for me. Sometimes it’s nice just to have something ‘mid’ sized with variety, and the set meals here come with tiny plates of coleslaw, eggs, etc. Click for more.greylineM
Milk & Butter Cafe,Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar
I spent my simple Saturday noon at a Cafe called Milk & Butter, a pretty chic place to begin with but prices were fair for a decent meal and vicinity that was mainly surrounded by fancy restaurants and cafes. A stone throw away from the Bangsar Village Shopping Mall, this cafe is situated at jalan telawi 2, Bangsar in a row of shop lots and displayed a simple array of western and fusion mix of orders. Click here for more.

Friday Night@Ming Tien!
It’s been awhile since i’ve been to Ming Tien, this hawker place mostly comes to live at night serving up mainly local food to these days even western. Click for more.
Dinner & Dessert!
After a tiresome week, it’s best to keep low and plan a simple dinner and snack catch-up as to partying booze in KL. We decided on Strawberry Fields in Taipan. Hmm, while I recalled some dishes to be better, this was what we ordered. Click for more.

Conveniently available and typically a ‘Malaysian Thing’. Just summing up what I’ve been having for supper for the week. Click here for more.  

‘Sushi’ Sunday, ‘Minion’ Style!
A small sweet ‘surprise’ got me smiling on Sunday… Sushi with my very own ‘Minion’. Dinner was healthy at Sushi King, with the usual sashimi and tofu, I had squid this time instead of the soft shell crab and… Click for more…



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