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Lovin’ my GS3 serum!

angelinechooiGood Morning Everyone! It was difficult to  get out of bed today… such a gloomy day… lazing in was the only thing i wanted to do.. haha..
angeline chooiWell as usual after a cup of coffee, im at my favorite couch.. with my bestest couch mate… bugsy’ himself haha.. nothing much on tv.. so i thought to share a bit about a product i’ve been using for the past few months…
GS3Check this out! my very own GS3 (Ginseng Stem Cell) beauty in a tiny bottle.. 😛
GS31This product is packaged and labelled beautifully and I’m sure many of you are familiar with the words ‘Stem Cell’ and ‘Serum’. Well what makes this product so different is that it actually derives from a plant and not embryo stem cell(we all have heard about how ginseng has many benefits for the human body and of course a person’s general health and well-being) and so what about the skin? Read more on Ginseng…
GS32This GS3 (Ginseng Stem Cell) box of wander comes with 2 bottles of stem cell serum and 2 plastic dropper. To apply all you have to do is peel open the bottle cap and snap on the dropper… and you’re ready to go… a few drops onto your face (3 – 4 tiny drops) is all you need and then gently massage it onto your skin.

This individually capped 3ml of beauty serum has plenty of benefits to boast about.. for one thing i’ved experienced a much smoother complexion after the first week and now after several months of application, i feel my skin is tighter and much softer.. As a whole i’d say it’s a good product and i’m looking forward to sharing more about GS3 in my coming articles… Stay tune!

4 thoughts on “Lovin’ my GS3 serum!

  1. Hi,

    I am from singapore, can i know how to purchase it? My fren actually gave me as a gift and she asked her colleague to buy for her and its really troublesome.


    • Hi Gwen, apologies for the late reply.. please go to and contact them or look for a Christine, also to check-in if they are carrying this product or other versions. Thank You.

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