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What is Personal Hygiene to you?

‘Personal Hygiene’ is more than just about cleanliness and health, it can also relate to Personal Care, Self-Appreciation and Grooming.

While some of us can be pretty anal (in here i mean distressed) about washing our hands, over tidying, wearing a mouth mask or just obsessing over everything (typically an OCD behavior)… there are people who are quite the opposite,.. who don’t clean up after themselves or mind dirty sheets, go without bathing for days, etc.. while this may seem totally appalling.. there’s always also the obsessive compulsive over reactions to constant cleaning and tidying. Which are you…?

Facts on Poor Hygiene:

– Up to 10 million dust mites (Dermatophagoides Farinae) may be living in our sheets, pillows, bedding, etc (these lil’ fella’s feed on dead skin) and can cause asthma, etc.
– Unwashed hands can contain an average of 84 colony forming units (bacteria) which we use to eat, rub our eyes, faces with, etc causing health & skin problems, etc

Clearly it’s important we start taking our health, hygiene and personal grooming more seriously. These days there are a wide variety of products available and even health and hygiene talks in schools educating kids on how to wash their hands to stay clear of bacterial infections, etc. From Hand Sanitizers to Hygiene, Health & Personal Care products, there are plenty of products available in the market to help us to look and feel our best…but are we making the best of these practices or using the right products?

From adolescents to puberty, the human body requires even more care and time to manage as we get older. While good hygiene is important for everyone at any age, it can require greater care at the onset of puberty (8 – 16 years old). A more sexually matured adult due to hormonal, physical and lifestyle changes requires greater attention when it comes to hygiene.

Perhaps, not always to say perfect or become that super being, some thought and time should be taken to go that extra mile. It makes total sense to take care of ourselves,.. after all…we owe it to ourselves to always look and feel our best,.. perhaps ask yourself today… if you’ve been managing yourself well or what are your thoughts on ‘health and personal grooming’..?

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