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Easy Steps to Ore’

HAMaskAngelineOkay, It’s been truly warm this time round and there’s nothing like cooling your skin down with a refreshing mask. After lunch, we decided to plan for a mask session, Nef’s been meaning to try Ore’ but requesting that i demonstrated the proper method.
HA-Mask1It’s pretty simple, make sure your skin is clean before you have the mask on…which should fit nicely around your face.
HA-Mask2Most people throw away the sachet after they have put on the mask but let’s not miss out on the good bits, all the main rejuvenating ingredients are usually at the bottom of the sachet and although it may seem sticky..let’s just say the stickier, the better… all the more reason it should go back onto your skin… any extra liquid can be used for the neck or hands…
HA-Mask3Okay…there’s no right way to do this…neither am I an expert… haha… but next would be to massage it onto the skin…and always in an upwards motion…(yup…unless gravity’s been kind to you…you wouldn’t want a saggy face..).. In order to get all that sticky ingredient into the skin…(you would wanna keep the circulation going by massaging the face in alternate motions..from under the eyes, cheeks, chin and forehead for about 3-5 mins)…
here we go… the waiting time.. most people get impatient at this point… and while sacrificing 20mins…of your idle time may seem irritating… you could always read a book or watch a bit of tv… for me I normally wait even longer for at least 30 – 40 mins.. (I’d like to think that by time all the ingredients would have been fully absorbed into the skin….for better results…)…

The verdict well… let’s see what Haneef’s (Writer & Lifestyle Fashion Blogger)  got to say…

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